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Do you want to take a look behind the scenes?

Want to take a peek behind the scenes?

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What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient method of examining and understanding your life. It has strong philosophical, metaphysical and psychological overtones, and answers age-old questions: who am I? Why am I here? What’s it all about? Having you chart read and analysed provides a lot of – personal – insight into these questions. Your birth chart takes you deep into your life, the rhyme and reason of it.

Your natal chart is a very personal instrument. Each horoscope is unique, no one has one like yours, it’s comparable with a fingerprint, or your unique DNA profile. It is sort of a psychological x-ray. The astrology takes an in-depth look into your motivations, patterns of behaviour and life events. Besides being an interesting tool for a reading, the study of astrology teaches the art of shaping and managing your life by helping you to get a picture of how you actually see and/or experience your life. An excellent tool to gain valuable insights, not from a theoretical point of view, but from your personal reality.

What I offer

I share what I learned from my 38 years of practicing astrology with my clients through consultations, classes, workshops or speaking arrangements. These:

  1. Birth chart analysis

  2. Horoscopes of questions, queries

  3. Preview, upcoming astrological developments in your chart

  4. Education and career advice

  5. Anticipating your career – the entrepreneurial horoscope

  6. Classes, workshops and speaking arrangements

  7. Online course traditional astrology.

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Who I am

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My enthusiasm for traditional astrology has to do with the professional and practical knowledge on which this astrology is based. After decades of ‘regular’ practice as a psychological oriented astrologer, I wanted to get to know the roots of my profession better, and they turned out to run very deep... My astrology changed profoundly.

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