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Online Course: Deeper into Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology: understanding & using traditional  Astrology

"An in-depth study of astrology based on the philosophy that underlies it."

      What the course is about

This practical training and delineation course consists of three seperate tracks;

The preparatory track 1, ‘Prologos’; the in-depth track 2 'Epignosis' which presents Hellenistic astrology; and finally the 'Pronoia' track 3 in which classical astrological prognosis is studied.

Each track consists of a number of modules in which theory and practice are explained and practiced. Each assignment is written by the student, sent to me and extensively commented upon (if necessary 😊).






Track 1: The Introductory Course 'Prologos'.

This track is meant for people who are trained in modern horoscope interpretation, but do not yet have any knowledge of traditional astrology. 
In that case, this prologos course is mandatory before applying for the next course. So, the student has prior knowledge of the basics of horoscope reading: planets, signs, houses and aspects, but no practical knowledge or skill in traditional astrology.
In this course you will learn the basic tools and techniques of practical – objective – horoscope reading.

It is not a course for people who know nothing about astrology and horoscopes!







Track 2: 'Epignosis' - Deeper into Astrology.

The word 'Epi-gnosis' means precise and correct knowledge, and this track informs you about the how and why of the various concepts in use in most modern astrology, and some new ones.
It’s based primarily on Robert Schmidt's work on Hellenistic astrology and how I learned to use that in horoscope interpretation and delineation.
If you're stuck in your astrological practice, if your astrological routines have dried up a bit and you've kind of seen it all, then you will be invigorated (anew perhaps) with this course.
Schmidt's work has been ground-breaking in understanding exactly what was intended by the founders of the Western astrological tradition with planets, images (aka ‘signs’) and places (aka ‘houses’).
Your understanding of astrology deepens and your method of delineation will improve.







Track 3: Looking ahead 'Pronoia' - Astrological Forecasting

The study of Greek astrology (since 1995) has brought to light a number of special forecasting techniques that were not known, or hardly known, until then. 
The main difference with contemporary forecasting techniques is that they worked with period systems, rather than 'ticking moments' as is the case with transits and all kinds of progression and direction methods. Planets are considered to be in charge of longer periods and units of time.
In this track you will learn all about that.

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What you can expect as a student:

- Astrology back on the foundation on which it was built
- The secrets behind the astrological principles revealed
- The recent discoveries in the astrological tradition applied practically
- Which paradigms help you to better understand and interpret a horoscope

How you will learn it

- Online lessons and presentations
- In-depth material in PDF format
- Assignments, exercises
- Personal coaching
- Intellectually challenging material, emotionally satisfying

What will you gain?

- You will gain a deep knowledge of an original astrology and horoscopy
- You will learn unsuspected methods and techniques.
- Your professional knowledge will deepen

What do I expect from the participant?

- The restoration of the prestige of astrology through a serious in depth study and knowledge of the philosophical backgrounds of its principles
- Willingness to again come to terms with your astrological knowledge and skills
- Willingness to discard incorrect or unproven assumptions about astrological principles
- Willingness to re-examine your own horoscope and biography with new astrological perspectives

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