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Martien Hermes Klassiek Astroloog

About me

I was born in March 1959. After training as a geography teacher and my 1st year study to become a teacher of history, I came into contact with alternative medicine and natural healing methods in 1983 and shortly after that found my passion: astrology. I have been practising and teaching astrology since 1985. I am a qualified astrologer. Successfully tested by the Dutch Association of Practicing Astrologers.

From about 1995 I started studying classical and traditional astrology and have specialised in that field. Traditional astrology turned out to be a treasure trove of knowledge, on which I base my methods ever since. I do consultations, courses, lectures and workshops on astrology in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


My enthusiasm for traditional astrology is because of the enormous professional and practical knowledge on which it is based. After decades of doing ‘regular’ astrology I wanted to get to the roots of this profession, and these proved to run deep.

At first I drew on sources from Renaissance astrology, the medieval Latin tradition, the Arabic tradition that preceded the Latin and finally Hellenistic astrology which is the basis of all Western astrological traditions that came after it.

I have focussed on this hellenistic astrology especially in the last decade.

Often still undiscovered, this astrology has a number of tools that are amazingly effective and to the point. It is no nonsense astrology, an honest look in the mirror.

If you want to know more about this hellenistic astrology, please check out the video’s on this website


1991- Astrology as liberation and development of yourself. (Dutch) ( Three-part course book, co-authored by Jérôme Korse.) 
2013- Die Lebenslinie im Horoskop. (German) Recognize Ihren wichtigsen Life Periods and Soul with the Classical Astrology
2007- Astrology as a craft, classical hour angle astrology (Dutch)
2015- Move and be moved, the return of fate in Astrology. (Dutch)
2008 - Good times, bad times. (Dutch) Prognosis with Zodiacal Aphesis of the Pars Daimon. Modern careers and biographies portrayed with Hellenistic Astrology.
2016- Agir et Subir, Le retour du Destin and astrology. (French)
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