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Birth horoscope

"Everyone's life is the history of a self-realization of the unconscious. Everything that lies in the unconscious wants to come to fulfillment, and the personality also wants to unfold from its unconscious state and experience itself as totality."

- Carl Gustav Jung

The analysis of the birth chart is the best known and the most widespread form of astrology. With the date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, your personal birth chart is calculated.

The human psyche is complex and subtle. We are complex beings, motivated sometimes by contradictory impulses. With the help of your birth chart I can show you the influences that built your character, and which processes and mechanisms are (or have been) mainly active therein. I always strive for an objective representation of the most important astrological data in your birth chart. I as an astrologer sort of holds up a mirror in which you can see yourself, through the eyes of your natal chart, and let is speak to you.

The purpose of this consultation is mainly to clarify things. A horoscope analysis like this enables you to perceive certain parts of your life and character better, to consider them more objectively. In this sense a horoscope helps you get a clearer view on your strengths and weaknesses and, as a result, a clearer picture of who you are, your growth potential.

Each horoscope has its own unique emphasis on certain astrological factors. Sometimes these are certain zodiacal images (known as ‘signs’), sometimes they are planets, sometimes they are certain connections between planets.

This reading is presented with a series of PowerPoint slides. It is done live here at home, or via ZOOM and takes between one and a half and two hours. The audio recording and PowerPoint will be sent to you afterwards.


Question horoscope

There is a special branch of astrology that deals with the art of answering questions. The astrologer answers these questions with the horoscope calculated for the moment when the question is asked and understood by the astrologer. The question is ‘born’ at that moment, as it were.

The analysis the horoscope of such a question is limited to a small number of its components, perhaps two or three planets and a few other astrological factors.

Such a horoscope is very concrete in what it reveals about what’s being investigated. It is a fantastic counselling and coaching tool: it’s straightforward, honest and to the point. So: know what you're asking! Do you really want to know the answer to this question?.

The horoscope of a question shows possible alternative paths to take and footangles best to avoid.

This reading is in writing and sent to you as a PDF document, correspondence about it is of course possible.


Astrological Preview

Your birthchart is a kind of 'frozen' image of the heavens at the time of your birth. The planets are all in a ‘fixed’ place there. This enables the astrologer to make statements about your life and personality. But of course the planets just keep moving in their paths through the zodiac, and therefore also through your horoscope. This allows the astrologer a sort of ‘track and trace’ option, an indication of when a certain process will start and ‘arrive’.

In this consultation I inform you about the planets which in a – predetermined – timeframe make contact with other horoscope factors in your birth chart. This consultation is an exploration of the processes that are going on in your horoscope at the moment and in the near future, and thus in your life.

This astrological outlook can be in writing, or live here at home or via ZOOM. In the latter case, the interpretation is presented with PowerPoint slides, and lasts between one and a half and two hours. The audio recording and PowerPoint will be sent to you afterwards.


Education and career advice

With this form of consultation advice can be given based on the birth chart regarding one’s recommended or preferred education and possible choice of profession.

In the birth chart indications are found about the preference and aptitude for certain professions and working conditions in which you would feel most comfortable and would perform at your best. The choice of an education or training can be based on this.

This takes into account your talents and any developments therein that can have a bearing on the choice of education and profession.

This guarantees choices based on individual talent and personality, even if you don’t have a clear picture (yet) of what you want regarding this topic.

Of course this is a very important consultation for (younger) students who need to make choices regarding further education with regards to their (envisioned) professional career.

This astrological study of education and career advice can be in writing, or live here at home or via ZOOM. In the latter case, the interpretation is presented with PowerPoint slides, and lasts between one and a half and two hours. The audio recording and PowerPoint will be sent to you afterwards.


The entrepreneurial horoscope

Astrology has a unique system of meaning and relevance in its ancient methodology, basis decision-making, strategy, planning etc., can be based on it The logic and laws of the celestial movements give a unique and unexpected view of you personally and your business, your entrepreneurship.

Experienced astrologers like myself can map out important factors at a glance that by other means are more cumbersome and time-consuming, or remain invisible. Of course, this time saving is also cost saving.

An astrological entrepreneurial scenario offers a broad spectrum of insights. It charts the pulse of your professional biography and entrepreneurship. With it you can zoom in on essential factors at work in your life and business, side issues are identified and, if necessary, side-lined or exploited.

Such a scenario shows which periods – in the past or upcoming – can be characterized as turning points in your life course. This makes it possible to anticipate them.


Classes, workshops and speaking arrangements

In addition to these consultations, I very much enjoy lecturing and teaching classes, workshops and do speaking arrangements with fellow astrologers and/or those who are interested.

Through the years I have gained a lot of unique knowledge about classical astrology, knowledge that I very much like to share as it changed and deepened my understanding of astrology profoundly. 

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