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In-depth video's

Series of videos about these special points in the horoscope

Due to the great success and interest in the topic of this first webinar on the Hermetic Partes/Lots, I have made a series of additional videos - in English - on the further study of these Hermetic Partes/Lots.

  1. Calculating Lots and software tips

  2. Lot formulas and symbolism

  3. Reversal of Lot formulas and symbolism

  4. A Rectification

  5. Eros and Necessity as the Lot of BASIS

  6. Lot of Basis and an example chart

  7. Houselocation of Lot of Daimōn

Series of videos on aphesis, aka zodiacal releasing from Spirit, a newly discovered method of forecasting

As a result of Cat's podcast, the German astrologer Volker Schendel asked me for an interview which resulted in the plan to start recording practical astrology demonstrations and publish them as videos.

It was decided to use the Hellenistic method I call ‘aphesis’ by me (zodiacal releasing from spirit) for this, and to illustrate it with Volker's personal and professional biography. I also use my biography to illustrate the method.

This series is a great success and attracts more and more viewers, both on my Youtube channel and that of Volker.

So far, these videos have been published:

  1. Zodiacal Releasing demonstration part 1 - the scenario

  2. ZR-demo part 2 - Valens example & finding the life’s work

  3. ZR demo part 3 – The Loosing of the Bond

  4. ZR demo part 4 - Defining Events - Angular Triads

  5. ZR demo part 5 - 5. ZR demo part 5 - Martien's additional possible turningpoints in the scenario and the guest-host delineation

  6. ZR demo part 6.1 - Track & Trace, Holly's 4th house triad evaluated – An example of the use of zodiacal releasing for Holly, who went through a 4th house triad.


The series is still continued, so new videos will be announced here as soon as they are published.


“This is excellent. I'm looking forward to going over this again and unpacking
it further. Very grateful.”

—  Robert (youtube)

In the Media

First webinar for Nightlight Astrology, ancient wisdom for daily life

On the 10th of October 2020 I hosted a free webinar on the lots/parts: “The (7 Hermetic) Lots: The conceptual model inspired by Robert Schmidt.”


The designation of the lots as 'Arabic parts' is not correct, they should better be called 'Greek parts' or 'Hellenistic points'.

The lots/parts were an integral part of Greek Hellenistic astrology, which is the basis of the Western astrological tradition.

A lot of Greek astrological knowledge and techniques are preserved during the early Middle Ages in the then flourishing Arabic culture. The Arabs translated many Greek astrological texts and added a whole series of new parts found therein. Thus the lots/parts came to be known under the (erroneous) name 'Arabic parts'.


This webinar is in fact the introduction to a series of videos about the lots/parts that I will publish on a YouTube channel. 


Content of the webinar:

  • What is Fate?

  • Robert Schmidt, the way he worked

  • Astrology as a Platonic-Hermetic practice - the model

  • The concept of Lots in general

  • The hermetic Lots


The webinar is in the English language, so are the follow-up videos.

You can find and watch this webinar here: Video Webinar 1 

Second webinar for Nightlight Astrology, ancient wisdom for daily life

The second talk in the Nightlight Astrology Spring Speakers Series is taking place on April 10th 2021. 

In this webinar, Martien Hermes will explore the conceptualization of three basic astrological instruments: the Images/representations (the ‘signs’), the Images as the domiciles of planets (their ‘house’), and the places, what we now call ‘houses’. These are the bread and butter of astrological delineation as they are the backbone of it.

As always the ideas of Robert Schmidt are key in understanding the differences between them, so the fateconcept(s) play a major part in getting to the root of these astrological instruments.

Martien will present the Images as being fated by the places they represent as their due. Each one of us has a different ascendant, and in whole-sign-houses this means that each Image gets appointed a specific place in the circle of 12. This then is strongly connected to...

  • The domiciles of the planets. These will be viewed as a principle of oikeiosis, the familiarization concept.

  • The places will be viewed form the concept of angular triads.

  • These underlying conceptualizations will help differentiate their specific role in delineation.

You can find and watch the webinar here: Video Webinar 2

Interview with Cat Rose Nelligan: The creative introvert

As a result of these webinars, I was asked for a podcast interview by Cat Rose Nelligan, for her YouTube channel, the creative introvert (great title by the way).

You can find and listen to the episode here: Interview with Martien


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