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I have been visiting Martien for an annual forecast for 20 years now. My profession is coaching and I help entrepreneurs with their personal growth and the expansion of their consciousness. Martien's expertise in astrology is a great addition to that. For years, I have given my coachees an extensive session with Martien as a gift. His knowledge of classical astrology is extensive and always spot on, believe you me! It gave me the support I was looking for. It was often a confirmation of realisations I had about things, but it also gave me insights into what I could best focus on. With his sharp analysis and gentle way of consulting, Martien has found a good combination of services: you go home with very clear insights. Once you’re home, you will find the astrological session again in your mailbox: digitalised, complete with explanations, so that you can go through it again at your leisure. Because one thing is for sure, you need time to proces all the information. I would recommend a consultation with Martien to everyone. Dear Martien, thank you again for all the beautiful insights you have given in recent years.

- Sylvia


Since a couple of years now, I’m a student of classical astrology with Martien, the prologos and epignosis courses and I'd like to share my experience as a student with Martien. This course is an enormous added value. Returning to the Roots of Western Astrology, the many ‘more’ possibilities of this astrology that offer you the chance to go to the core or the essence of a horoscope. You do have to be open to letting go of certain acquired knowledge, which can feel as having lost your footing for a while. But once you start to immerse yourself in the offered material, you will get new insights, a more realistic view of what life actually means for you and your loved ones. The online course is an ideal way to find your way in it, with personal guidance, being able to process the lessons at your own pace, assignments to test what you have learned. And the other nice thing is that you don't have to sit in traffic on your way to a course location, especially if you live abroad like me.

If you watch the videos on Fate and the method of Aphesis, you will experience on hand that the tools offered will enrich your understanding of chart delineation. And not to forget the satisfaction of it all once you go down that road of classical astrology.


- Leentje

I recently stumbled upon your presentation on the Hermetic Lots through NightLight Astrology speaker series. I must say, this was the first presentation I have seen that put the Lots into an interpretive framework that actually made sense to me. At NORWAC this past year I took a good lecture from Benjamin Dykes which helped a lot, but all of the effort you took setting up the philosophical foundation was incredibly helpful. I started to see how the Lots work in my own chart, and it was like touching that magical experience of discovering astrology again for the first time.

I am fairly new to a serious study of astrology. About a year ago I finished Chris Brennan’s class and now I am studying with Austin Coppock. I have dabbled in astrology for a long time, but there has been a desire to really understand. There is an astrological and cosmological rigor that developed at Project Hindsight, and I also appreciated your acknowledgement of Schmidt’s contribution, both to you and the larger community. There is something important about studying with other people, of perhaps a community of inquiry and effort, that resonated with me about your presentation.

Thank you. It was quite serendipitous that I stumbled upon your lecture, and I am forever in your debt.


- Greg Kircher

My contact with Martien happened after I heard him on a interview regarding the Lot of Daimon. Intrigued by his topic and clear explanation, I made contact by email, finding it very easy and flowing because he responded so swiftly. Brief and to the point – but there was no endless delay that can sometimes be discouraging.
After setting out the Ts & Cs (Terms and Conditions), Martien sent out PowerPoints at weekly intervals which at first seemed, puzzling to me. 
Strange as it seemed, it was good to have time to digest the information ahead of time to take on board the detail and implication; and where it was not clear, or where it triggered a question, there was time to take notes of questions and clarification points.
This was followed up by a call lasting about an hour and half which was really generous and in- depth in covering the content that he had sent prior.
As I got used to the ideas, I found the intervals between the PDFs at weekly intervals very reassuring giving me the experience of being in touch with my chart and having the time to digest and assess the information; it was really helpful as it laid down layers and layers of meaning.
This new style of preparing the person beforehand is a unique and productive use of time, allowing layers of meaning to bubble up to the surface for both. Presentations of the PDFs are precise and analytical, yet they allow the experience of the session to be fluid and resonant.
I highly recommend Martien with appreciation for the quick response time, and his unique style on consultation.


- Phyllis

Hi Martien,
Thank you! 
This delineation has given me much to think about. It is correct on many levels. 
At my age I have the advantage of seeing the arc of my story and this method is a very good and accurate plot line.
I look forward to the rest of the story!  You are a master astrologer. I thank you for your skill and talent.


- Jerry

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