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To make an appointment, you can email me via the contact form below, also for lectures, workshops, presentations and courses. You can also call me on 0630616511. My email address is


Please include the topic, issue or topics of special interest and which you would like to focus on in the consultation. Do not forget to indicate which package you want to use and state your date of birth, place and exact time. It is often the case that people think they know their birth time, but that after consulting 1. Your parents, 2. Your parents' marriage certificate, 3. A birth tile or birth card, 4. Birth certificate, it turns out to be different. Using the correct birth time is crucial for a good interpretation!

If you are interested in a question horoscope, it is wise to call me, but an email in which you state your question or query will also suffice. This way I can best help you.


Thanks! Message sent.

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